Fun Stuff

True Canadian Way! .. Only thing wrong with this is it should be parked in front of a Tim Hortons.


Vette pulling sleds

Christmas Gifts for Ron

A couple of Christmas gifts that Ron found under the tree this Christmas. I guess his race track in the basement will be replaced by his new train set and hopefully he can figure out which end of the wrench he needs to use to dismantle the track.


Russell Race Night Thursday May 5, 2016

The finally race of the year, had a great year and one person missing from the group pic is Greg . Great year with 1 race a week racing at an average of 400-500 laps per night totaling about 16,000 laps for the season , only 2 cars did not finish ,a Cheetah and Ron's beloved C6R yellow # 3 .

Excellent year and hope to see you all next year .

IMG 0089IMG 0087IMG 0088

Russell Race Night Thursday April 7, 2016

Thursday night action saw a total of 530 laps run and who knows how many beers. Greg ended up winning 3 races , Ron 2, and Paul 1.

IMG 0018IMG 0019

Race Nights in Russell, March 10 and March 31

Another couple of exciting race nights in Russell this month for some of our members! You would think with all the practice they would get better!

IMG 0001

IMG 1033

Recycled corvette as a desk!!



Race Night in Russell - Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another exciting race night in Russell for some of our members! See Rest of Pictures


Race Night in Russell - Thursday, February 19, 2015

Very exciting night in Russell has some of our members race around , a few accidents occurred , of course there was beer involved, but no injuries. Raced a total of 400 laps over 2.5 hours of thrilling racing :)

When it comes to Mods - Ron knows the worst!

Thanks to Ron Rail for carrying these down from the mountain..

Pull over to the right - no the left - wait?? 

To Add Oil to Your Engine.....
Those friendly Corvette Owners..

Enjoying winter with your Corvette

Here's a Who-Dunnit- For You

Keep your eyes on the road!

Corvetters - are you ready for winter?

Our roving reporter Ted McNeil finds a colorful Corvette!

An explanation provided by Ron Rail that explains the concept behind ABS braking.

Good for a smile..

Got some extra cash?  Looking for something unique to buy?

Submitted by Wendy Hall

Take the Vette!

Submitted by Ron Rail

Never Block a Buddy

Submitted by friend of the club... Allan Brown

A special trailer!

Keeping up to date!

For Cruising the Rideau..

Member Todd Van Dusen came across this car ad in Kijiji.

Perfect for cold drinks!



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