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Welcome to the Corvette Club of Canada's Capital

The Capital Corvette Club is located in Canada's Capital; Ottawa, Ontario.  We are comprised of Corvette enthusiasts who come together in a fun atmosphere promoting the Corvette hobby and "Corvetting" in the capital.  Are you a Corvette owner and thinking about whether you want to join the Capital Corvette Club?  Have a look at our Membership Page if you would like to join us.  If you are justing visiting and would like to look around our site - please enjoy it. 

2016 Registration is now open. Members, if you have a user ID and password, log in and click "Your Profile" otherwise click 2016 Registration

List of Upcoming Club Events as of April 14, 2016 Click Here


Perth BBQ Party Party RibFest and Carshow - Sunday July 24th

7 member corvettes made their way to Perth for the BBQ Block Party to celebrate Perth's 200th anniversary. The party included the BBQ RibFest, a classic car show and live entertainment. A beautiful hot summer day in Perth complemented the ribfest meal, a few beverages and of course ice cream.  Pictures

IMG 5788IMG 5797


Saturday, July 16, 2016 – Laurie and Barbara's Road Tour and BBQ

18 member corvettes travelled from Myers Kanata to meet with Laurie's new Yellow C7 at the Dickson residence, outside Almonte.

A wonderful BBQ of slovaki  and chicken complimented the potluck items brought by members of the CCC club, along with a few beverages and a swim for some.

A  wonderful afternoon was had by all.

Thanks to Wendy for getting us there and a huge thank you to Laurie and Barbara Dickson for their hospitality. We must also thank Laurie and Barbs daughter and grandsons for there help in putting this on.

And last but certainly not least thanks Tyson for being Tyson. Pictures


IMG 0383IMG 0386

Sunday, July 10, 2016 – Merrickville Car Show

On this rainy cool day, 5 members met at Bankfield and 416 for the drive to Merrickville to attend the annual summer car show. We were met by 2 more members there and had our usually parking spot along the lower locks. Although the rain deterred many cars and spectators from attending, those that attended still had a good time. Even stopped at the local Legion for a BBQ chicken meal and a few beverages. Pictures  

IMG 5770IMG 5769

Saturday, June 25, 2016 – Dave and Kim’s Road Tour and BBQ

On a gorgeous sunny and hot day, 36 members met at Myers in Kanata for a road tour to the Mississippi Lakes area and ending up at Kim and Dave’s place for a BBQ. Kim managed to direct the 19 corvettes in various parking spaces and everyone settled in for a nice afternoon enjoying the cool breeze off the lake. An additional 4 more members showed.

Members enjoyed swimming, going on a boat ride around the lake in a 75 year old Chris Craft, and lots of food and beverages. The scenery overlooking the lake was fantastic.

What a great day. Special thanks go to Kim and Dave for hosting the event. More Pictures

IMG 4992IMG 5000IMG 5021-4

Watkin's Glen Road Trip- June 17 - 19, 2016

Friday June 17th saw 4 CCC corvettes meet in Ogdensburg. Wendy lead us on a 6.5 hour scenic drive to Syracuse. 

With a stop in Watertown for lunch we headed out again on our trek, with a stop at the World Famous Oseola Hotel. 

We finally made it to our motel in Syracuse where after check in we parked ourselves by our cars and waited for Denis and Cristina to arrive.

Saturday morning saw us 5 CCC members head across I90 where we met up with fellow CCC members Ron and Betsy Jacobs who brought 13 of their fellow Northern New York Corvette Club members.   After a scenic drive, lead by our own Wendy Hall, and a few rest stops we arrived at Watkins Glen International race track ready to race. 

After our track laps and a driving tour of the old Watkins Glen Road Race Course,  Betsy Jacobs arranged for us to lunch at the Seneca Harbor Station, great choice Betsy. 

From Watkins Glen we headed back towards the motel but first had a stop at Three Brothers Winery where we enjoyed some craft beers and the odd wine and hard cider slushies . 

From Three Brothers we headed back to Our motel in Syracuse where once parked and showered we hiked it next door and enjoyed a laughter filled meal at the Flat Iron Grill.

Sunday morning was filled with breakfast and the drive up I81 to home.

A big thank you goes out to Wendy Hall and Betsy Jacobs for organizing the weekend. More Pictures


IMG 0199IMG 0203

Expo-Brossard Corvette 2016 Show - May 28

7 CCC members travelled to Montreal for the weekend of May 28 and 29. They attended the Expo-Brossard Corvette show on Saturday, which had 293 corvettes on display. Member Pictures

The organizing committee for the show made a substantial donation to the Montreal Children's Hospital See Article. 
The members that attended, commented that this was a show worth attending. Show Article.   Brossard Facebook Page

Massena, NY Road Tour - May 21

Bryce & Cathy Durant lead a tour of 10 member corvettes to Frenchies 2016 Great Norther N.Y. Auto Show held in Massena NY.  This event was hosted by Frenchies Chevrolet dealership.Club member Bob Finter was the winner of a door prize.

IMG 0103IMG 0104

IMG 0108




The FIRST Road tour of our season...

Bob & Sandy Weagant's Road Tour was a great success.

There were a total of 14 Cars, 22 members & significant others who joined in on this road tour. The tour started out with 9 cars from Farm Boy in Blossom Park and in Winchester we were joined by 5 more vehicles. The tour travelled through various communities in North Dundas then into South Dundas with a stop to see a private car collection in Morrisburg.  After that we continued on our way with a final destination of Cornwall for a fantastic meal and review of the quiz that is alway provided on a Weagant tour.

Thanks to the Weagants and the Mekkers, who assisted in the tour planning, for a great Sunday Drive. More Pictures

IMG 4488IMG 4495

Club Wins Best Club Award at Ottawa Autorama Custom and Classic Car Show

The Capital Corvette Club recently won the best club award at the 2016 Ottawa Autorama Show (April 23 & 24). After a day of setting up the display and 2 show days, the club walked away with the award. The club entered 6 Corvette Stingrays into the show, three C7 and three C3. The display was well attended.

The judges in making their decision commented on the fact that the club members allowed visitors, especially the children, to experience the feel of sitting in a corvette and getting their pictures taken by parents and friends.

The President of the club, John Scapillati, accepted the award on behalf of the club. Club Member Graham Sinclair's son Alex, produced a club video while at the show (Video).   More Pictures

IMG 2930


IMG 3924

 IMG 3925

Brian and Sue's New C7

 Members Brian and Sue McPhedran took delivery of their new 2016 2LT Laguna Blue Stingray this past week. The vette has red competition seats, red calipers and black rims. Rolled of the assembly line on March 26, at the dealer on April 11 and picked up on April 19 (pickup delayed due to weather) with 8 km on it.








Corvette History: Sting Ray vs Stingray

The Capital Corvette Club contacted the GM Heritage Center/GM Media Archive as part of the research into the club’s theme (Stingrays) for the Ottawa AutoRama Classic and Custom Car Show being held at the EY Center later this month, on April 23 and 24, with regard to the official spelling of the Stingray. Here is the response form the lead archivist.

Common usage at GM is:

       Stingray for the 1959 race car show car

       Sting Ray for the 1963-1967 C2 models

       Stingray for the 1969-1975 C3 models

       Stingray for the 2014-current C7 models

The question you pose comes up from time to time. Period-specific documentation for the original Stingray Race Car (known internally as XP-87) shows the spelling in both forms (Stingray and Sting Ray) though the badging shows it as Stingray. Some of the confusion may come from the fact that despite only the “S” being capitalized, the 1959 Stingray badging shows a very slight space between Sting and ray.

For the introduction of the 1963 C2, Chevrolet standardized the usage of Sting Ray (two words, each capitalized) in sales literature, engineering documentation and press releases. The C3 debuted in 1968 without this moniker but it returned for the 1969 car, this time as a single word (evidenced by the new script badge). After 1975, Stingray disappeared for nearly 40 only to return with the introduction of the 2014 C7.

Having said all of this, we have no documentation internal documentation which discusses how and why the variants were chosen.


Saturday, April 2, 2016 Stanley's Old Maple Sugar Bush Visit


IMG 1489

Capital Corvette Club Executive Update

A decision was made at the last executive meeting (Monday, March 21st) to fill the President position for this year.  John Scapillati has agreed to step into the President position and Paul Renaud has agreed to step in as Vice-President.  As always, all executive positions will be up for nomination at the end of the year.

John Scapillati  

President          Scapillati John

 Paul Renaud

Vice President

Renaud Paul

New Capital Corvette Club Sponsor: Wicked Garage


 Wicked Garage is a facility in the Greely Industrial Park that not only provides general service and repairs on domestic and import vehicles, but also high-performance repairs, customization and fabrication. CCC members will receive a 10% discount on repairs and labour. Members will be asked to show their membership card.

 Visit Wicked garage at: WebSite




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